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Once enrolled in a course, and for the duration of your account, your course will never expire or be removed from your course list. You can go back to it again and again, as you see fit.

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From the desk of Alan Summers

We have created a program to save you money on your training.

We have maintained a single purpose throughout time: to create effective, bite-sized, online training for students. Today, we incorporate “affordable” into that purpose.

With this All Access Pass you can choose any training course, at any time, from anywhere, on any device. The All Access Pass provides access to our entire course collection. It includes, all current courses, everything from specific training categories and every new course added as they become available.

Never pay for another business training course. Take them all whenever you want.

When you select a training course from the catalog it will instantly become available in your “My-Courses” list, upon completion it will not be removed, and you can go back again and again as you see fit.

Take a look at what's waiting for you inside the All Access Pass.

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All Course Categories

Some highlights into our exclusive categories...

Whether you want to improve your soft skills or become a category training expert, each comes full of category specific, individually curated courses. Of course, you with receive new courses, as they are added to the specific category.  

Each category includes:

  • Multiple courses related to specific skill set development
  • Entire category of courses included
  • New courses automatically added
  • Categories provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience

A Few Training Courses

Are you ready to learn the skills you need to start succeeding?

Our video plus training courses provide you with high-definition video instruction. Training is divided into individual modules so you can go back, again and again, targeting any specific material whenever you need to and as often as you like.

Courses include these learning materials*:

  • Animated video case studies in the learning module.
  • Student training guidebook
  • Complimentary course e-textbook
  • Reference cheat sheets
  • A .pdf final exam (for your eyes only)
  • Additional resources including: On-the-Go Video Course and Audiobook

*Bonus collections may contain different learning materials.

Course Related Materials

Delivering students Best-in-Class course content...

The word plus is used to describe the video training courses because in addition to the video training described above, we also give you the all the tools necessary to reinforce this learning. Courses have been fully curated to promote long-term success.

Additional comprehensive learning materials include the examples shown below*: (a variety of courses shown)

*Bonus collections may contain different course related materials.

We have added animation style video clips to provide you with individual case study. Each case study takes the subject matter from an entire module and blends it into easy to understand teaching.

An easy to follow step-by-step training course guidebook. The guidebook includes content quizzes for you to assess your learning progress. Not to fret, the quizzes are for your eyes only.

You can consider this eBook to be your course e-textbook. It has been expertly crafted to be a compliment to this training course. This eBook provides additional insights into the learning material.

Cheat Sheets

Consider these cheat sheets as usable reference materials. The information contained on each page provides tools and shortcuts that are most applicable to you for easy future reference.

And upon completion of this training course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. It will be fully personalized personalized and suitable for framing. A great way to showcase your efforts!

No matter where you are or what you’re doing you can take this high-definition, enhanced full-length video learning with you. Just download the On-the-Go video course and you’re all set.

We are including a high quality, full-length Mp3 Audiobook of the training. This On-the-Go Audiobook is able to be played on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Learn and Improve Your Skills.

Advance Your Career and Earning Potential.

As we embrace the ever-changing e-learning marketplace, we continue to deliver best-in-class course content that improves the entire learning experience, from beginning to end. Our philosophy guarantees an engaging online environment that delivers students the skills they need to achieve their full potential.

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What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying


Film Producer & Entrepreneur

I have been using your training for some time now. After I took a couple of individual classes I decided to step-up and invest in your All Access savings program,  that was a good decision. I can learn anything I want now anytime I want to. I am glad that I discovered you. One other thing, I have really enjoyed using the guidebook because it follows the actual video training and gives me a better experience. All I can say now is thank-you!


Independent Freelance Designer

I began my learning in the Microsoft Office 2016 category. I was totally impressed and I learned a lot. My career is in graphic design and I was really impressed with the high quality graphics used in so many aspects of the training material. I have since purchased the all-access pass program to save money. I am currently working my way through a couple of the other categories now and I am committed to finishing each and every course. I would recommend this training to everyone. 


Marketing Consultant

Due to my obligation to always stay on the top of my game within my professional industry, I ordered a couple of the online courses. Now I have access to the entire catalog. I am most pleased with the quality of the content and structure of these courses. I will recommend these courses to others and be scheduling more courses for myself.

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What does Video+ mean?

Did you know that most people learn a lot faster when they see something being done on video? That’s because most people out there are visual learners.The word plus is used to describe this video training course because in addition to the video training we also give you the all the tools necessary to reinforce your learning.

Does access to my courses expire?

With our Unlimited Pass your course access with not expire nor will the course be removed from your course list. You can go back to it again and again, as you see fit.

If you have our Monthly Pass you will have continuing access each time we process your monthly payment and as long as your account remains active you will maintain all of the courses in your course list.

If you opt for the Annual Pass you will have 12 months of access. During that time your courses will remain in your course list and your access will be granted.

Do I have a course instructor?

We utilize an online self-paced approach to course instruction. While there is no physical course instructor, we do have a team of student support specialists who are willing to assist you with almost anything you can think of regarding your course and your student account.

Am I limited to specific courses?

We offer an All Access Pass. This pass allows you access to every course currently in our catalogs and all new releases as they become available as long as your account is active with us.

How do I get a certificate of completion?

Upon completion of your course you will be issued a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate can be printed and framed in a standard 8"x10" frame or a matted 8"x10" frame. Proudly display your accomplishment.

Are there any licensing restrictions?

This course is for your personal study only. You cannot repackage, resell or redistribute this training course or any of its content. The contents of each training course are protected by copyright laws.